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Winery Burgmann is a small oenological reality located in the municipality of Tacoronte which is part of the Tacoronte-Acentejo D.O. The project comprises two hectares of land where the predominant variety is the Listan Negro with a small part of Listan Blanco.

Interestingly the developer is German Miss. Burgmann who put in charge of this project an aeronautical maintenance engineer, the Canadian Marc Rochefort, who fell in love with the world of wine decided to change his life to focus on viticulture and Canarian oenology.

Since 2016, with the acquisition of the first free-standing plot at 400m above sea level, the winery has improved the vineyard’s soil practices in order to promote quality rather than the quantity of grapes and cultivate respecting the environment. In the oenological theme Winery Burgmann aims to better express the potential of the native grape “Listan Negro” linking tradition with innovation, thus the labels of the reds “Tinto Selection“, “Tinto Premium” are born (to be released in December 2022) “Tinto Burg barrel 2019” (signature wine) and “Tinto Burg traditional 2019” ( signature wine), the “Rosado selection” obtained by bleeding (extraction of part of must) from the red.

Finally, special attention is paid to the white, obtained from the Listan Blanco grape present in the vineyard and baptized with the name “Blanco Olivia” (numbered edition) in honor of the daughter of Marc Rochefort, born during the harvest.
The bottle is characterized by lacquer, whose drop coincides with the peak of the label Teide!


Tinto Selection“: it has a violet color with medium-high layer, with a nose of red fruits, fennel and a light balsamic. 88 points in the Guia Peñín ;

“Rosado selection“: has a salmon pink color, the smell reminds of red fruit such as cherry, blackberry… while in the mouth it is dry, a slight astringency that allows the wine to persist in the mouth. 86 points in the Guia Peñín;

Blanco Olivia“: has a straw yellow color, with smell of tropical fruits, grass and notes of honey, the flavor returns to the fruit, balanced and round. 92 points in the Guia Peñín;

Tinto Burg barrica 2019” (304 bottles): red wine aged ten months in French wood barrels that adds spice aroma, among which vanilla predominates. The color is a dark purplish red. On the palate the aromas of Black Listan return.

Fuente: The wine fever

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