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“What would be the world without a vision”

In the year 2020, Winery Burgmann Tenerife together with Canadian winemaker Marc Rochefort Winery Burgmann begins its journey and starts to produce wine in Tacoronte Tenerife, with the vision to create wonderful volcanic wines, using the best ingredient that mother nature provides, combined with the knowledge, innovation, and love!

Canarian Wine History

At the end of the 14th century, Spanish and Portuguese people brought their native grapes variety to the Canary Islands. The vines were cultivated for almost 500 years and adapted to the special climate of the island, and its fertile volcanic soil. Since then the vines have evolved into the endemics vine of the Canary Island. Those vines were not affected by the disease of phylloxera, which nearly destroyed all vineyards in Europe!

Even then, Canarian wine was appreciated and known by Kings and nobles. All over the world, you can hardly find those kinds of grapes. Which become one of the treasures of the Canary Islands.

Our Winemaker

Marc Rochefort our winemaker, move from Canada to Tenerife in the Canary Islands in 2014 with his family. In 2016 he joint the vineyard Project, which in 2020 would become Winery Burgmann Tenerife.

Where We Are

The winery with its adjacent vineyard is located in the north of Tenerife, in Tacoronte at 400m above sea level. This wine region of the Canary Island has long been known for producing some of the best wine. 

The weather is characterized by plentiful of sunlight and the tradewinds blowing across the Atlantic ocean. The fertile volcanic soil is rich in minerals. All those factors combined give to our wine its unique taste and character.

In order to guarantee our high quality we have decided to join the Denominacion de Origen Tacoronte Acentejo, which is known for its strict standard control. Only grapes from this region can be approved and endorsed. 

The wines we produce



The size of our vineyard is 3 hectares and is dominated by the endemic variety mainly of Listan negro, a small percentage of Listan Blanco, and other native grapes of The Canary Islands. The age of our vines goes from 20 years old to over a century.

Since 2016 we have constantly improved the quality of our own grapes until they met our high standard and in 2020 we began our wine production.

Having the privilege to have our vineyard and the winery on the same estate, allow us to oversee the vineyard and be efficient between the time of our manual harvest of the grapes and its smooth entry into the winery. Being our way to achieve the best quality.

Our way to produce

We understand how sustainability and the responsible use of natural resources it’s important for the environment but also key to producing high-quality wines.

Using only grapes from our vineyards, we have a limited production of 6000 bottles annually depending on the year’s harvest.

Our production combines traditional winemaking, and innovative wine techniques, with our special ‘terroir’ gives our wines a unique sense of place and personality.

First steps


Although we’ve only produced since 2020, we already had an encouraging result for our wine, being selected by some Michelin Star restaurants in The Canary Islands for its quality and distinctive character. In 2023, our Red Premium 2020 received the Bronze medal in the DECANTER World Wines Awards 2023. Which makes us believe in our Vision!

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